new 25 A - double s

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  •          Ergonomic, designed to optimize the support of the handle to the metacarpus and the first phalanx with the aim of having a greater grip
  •          Smoothed at the end with an optimal inclination for thumb support in line with the cut line
  •          Handle with a handle greater than our usual production handle to meet the demands of farriers
  •          The wood used is highly resistant to impact and water, with a unique and elegant coloring



  •          Blade has the size of all the knife that makes it heavier and more solid, making it more stable on hard nails.
  •          The steel used is of the highest quality with a long sharpening holding and considerable tool life.
  •          Blade shaping has been optimised with 25 years of production experience.


The knife has also been carefully finished outside and packaged in an elegant packaging due to the anniversary of the 25th anniversary.